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Caretaker Services

Peace of mind while you're away.

Many homeowners who rent their properties hire caretakers instead of property managers in order to save money. Caretakers are not licensed by any state or local authority. Let our licensed and insured professionals be your caretakers while you are away.

Plan Choices

  1. $110 Platinum Plan:
    4 Full (Interior & Exterior) Inspections per month

  2. $95 Gold Plan:
    2 Exterior Only Inspections per month & 2 Full Inspections per month

  3. $65 Silver Plan:
    1 Exterior Only Inspection per month & 1 Full Inspection per month

  4. $35 Copper Plan:
    1 Full Inspection per month

All Plans include Inspection Summaries emailed after every inspection and an Accounting Statement emailed at the end of every month.

Exterior Only Inspection includes:

  • Circle outside of property to visually check for any possible maintenance issues
  • Physically ensure that all doors are secure
  • Visually ensure that all windows are closed
  • Remove all advertisements and papers from property
  • Check that lawn service is being done satisfactorily (if applicable) and no pipes, hoses or sprinklers are broken or leaking

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Full Inspection includes all Exterior Inspection services, plus:

  • Visually inspect that no damage has been done to interior of property
  • Physically ensure that all windows are secured
  • Check for leaks, dripping faucets & running toilets
  • Check that all lights (interior & exterior) are working & replace any bulbs as needed (cost of bulbs to be deducted from working capital)
  • Adjust any light timers as needed
  • Check that alarm is working correctly (no error codes)
  • Monthly replacement of A/C filter (cost of basic blue filters included in plan)
  • Check that thermostat is set correctly for the season
  • Check for insect/pest infestations


(Some of these services require additional fees)

Lawn Service, Pre-Arrival Cleaning, Annual A/C Check, Insect/Pest Control - we will arrange these services through third party vendors as you instruct & will pay the bills from Working Capital. - No additional fee.

Repair/Remodel Supervision - We will arrange through third party vendors as you instruct & physically inspect the property before, during and after to ensure work is done per contract. If cost estimates exceeds 50% of Working Capital the Owner will be required to deposit the amount into Working Capital before the work can begin. - A supervisory fee of 10% of Total Invoice will be charged.

Alarm Call Response - Give our information to your Alarm company as the first person to call and we will go out to your property if notified that the alarm is sounding. - Fee of $30 per call.

Night & Weekend Key Delivery - If you arrive during non-work hours and need keys delivered to you. - fee of $30 each time.

HOA Compliance - Give our information to your HOA as the contact for compliance issues & we will immediately inform you by phone or email & rectify the matter as you instruct. - Fee of $15 each time.


Denman Realty will hold a Working Capital Deposit. All Vendor bills will be submitted directly to Denman Realty and will be paid from the Working Capital funds. Owners will receive a monthly accounting statement that will include reimbursement for any Vendor invoices paid from the Working Capital fund and Denman Realty monthly fees.


Call Lee Pagano at 480-834-1525 To Discuss the costs that Covers the cost of initial inspection and report for recommendations to make home ready for seasonal vacancy and to set client up in accounting system.

Working Capital Deposit to be held by Denman Realty


During owner occupancy, inspections will cease, but accounting services will be continued for a reduced fee of $25 per month.

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